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Please take the time to go over the frequently asked questions:

  • How will the payment be arranged?
  • We prefer to accept payment via paypal, but if you prefer to use alternative payment options please email us at support@ea-programmers.com

  • What are the working conditions and steps required for custom programming development?
  • We request a 50% deposit to initiate a project and the remaining 50% balance will be charged only after completion of the Program. After the Program has been delivered any errors or bugs found in the Program will be fixed free of charge but modifications on the strategy will require additional fees.

  • How do I get final access to the finished product for custom programming?
  • The Final Product will be emailed to you.

  • How do I get final access to the product for readymade programs?
  • These products will be available for direct download trough the website

  • Will documentation be available to understand how to use Expert Advisors and Indicators?
  • Step by step tutorials can be found on the articles page covering the basic installation and use of Expert Advisors and Indicators. If you require additional information not available in our articles page please don’t hesitate to email us at support@ea-programmers.com

  • Will I be provided the source code for the EAs or Indicators?
  • Yes the source code will be available to you for custom programmed projects but the source code will not be available for Ready made productsI would need a sense of warranty or support in case something goes wrong in the future after development completion.

  • How much warranty or support will be offered?
  • We will continue to fix your EA free of charge anytime you find any bugs or errors or if the EA has still not met your initial specifications. Also any questions you may have are always welcome.

  • I also would need confidentiality of the development. What steps will you take to keep my development confidential?
  • We never disclose any of our clients programs or strategies. But some clients wish for a non-disclosure agreement, this must be provided by the client and will gladly sign the agreement.

  • Your Prices are in what currency?
  • All Prices are in United States Dollar (USD)

  • How can I extend the premium support services?         
  • All our premium products come with a 1 month premium support. If you wish to extend that period simply let us know but contacting us though – Our Contact Form.

Did you find the answer to your question? If you require any additional information, 

please either email us at support@ea-programmers.com or fill out our contact form. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.